2015 What A Year!

What a year 2015 has been.  We were able to take several trips throughout the year.  Yes, some of them were even “ROAD TRIPS”.  I drove about 2 hours one day, but it seemed like an eternity.  Ha Ha!!    If you know me, I don’t like driving or road trips.  For the most part, I did very well.

I enjoyed seeing mom and the rest of the family in Washington.  Mom and I had some interesting elevator rides.  The most unique elevator was the one that came up out of the floor.  Cool!!!

(Check out my video recap of 2015)

January:  Sedona-it snowed, how cool.  Yosemite, Oceanside and San Diego Zoo.

February:  Arizona- Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon National Park, Wupatki National Park, Sunset Crater National Park.

March:  Disneyland, Oceanside, Mt. Shasta.  Washington-enjoyed seeing mom and family.

April:  We went to a Drive-In, Big Bear and another trip to Washington.

May:  Brian’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Oceanside, Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary started.

June:  Disneyland, Karina’s graduation.

July:  William’s 4th of July party-lots of food and William’s fireworks show.  Awesome!!! Disneyland and my birthday.

August:  William’s birthday, Drive-In, ROAD TRIP-Blackfoot Idaho, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, Mom and Eden’s birthday party in Spokane Washington, Gold Mine.  Banff Canada-we enjoyed a boat ride, went onto a Glacier and a Skywalk.  Mom and Eden’s birthday party in Woodland Washington.

September:  Disneyland, Jan’s birthday.

October: Becca’s birthday, Rainforest Cafe.  Disneyland Halloween Party-so much fun.

November:  Oceanside, Disneyland, Rainforest Cafe, Monument Valley, Four Corners, Pagosa Springs for Thanksgiving week.  It snowed some on Thanksgiving.  Yea!!!   Treasure Falls, San Juan National Forest, Sedona.

December:  Disneyland Christmas-I love Christmas time.  Christmas at Jan’s house.

Spendings New Years Eve at the Wyndham Resort in Indio.  Jan and  Becca will be coming over for a little New Years Eve party.

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