Bathroom Remodel and New Kitchen Faucet 

Last week we started to have our downstairs bathroom remodeled and a new kitchen faucet put in. Unknown to us, this was a good and bad thing.  

The old mirror,lights, sink and cabinet were taken out of the bathroom.  Yea, we were on our way for a remodeled bathroom.  The walls were painted with a nice coat of paint.  The new sink and cabinet were put in.  New lights put up.  

We only had to put  up the new mirror, towel rack, toilet paper holder and new flooring.  

While the paint was drying in the bathroom, the new kitchen faucet was going to be put in.  Now this is where everything went wrong.  While trying to take the old faucet out, one of the pipes broke.  

We had to call a plumber to see if they can fix it.  The plumber arrived the same day and gave us some bad news.  We need to have the house repiped.  Wow!!!!  Not a good thing.  

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