Las Vegas Sunrise 

Up early and on our way home. Goodbye Las Vegas!!! Good morning everyone, have a safe Labor Day.  


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

We went to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area before we checked into the resort.  I love the different colors!! 


Drive to Cottonwood Arizona 

Just a few photos take on our to to Cottonwood Arizona.  


Drive To Mesquite Nevada 

We left before 7:00 AM this morning for our long drive to Mesquite Nevada.  I had ice on my window for about 3 hours of our drive.  Some of my photos will have ice on them.  Went on the dirt road again.  Started out about 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  It had gotten as low as 1 degree Fahrenheit.   Now that’s cold!!!   Drove along the Colorado River.   We left Colorado and drove through Utah and the tip of Arizona.  I know I did not do the driving, but it has been a long day in the car.  Finally we made it to Mesquite Nevada where we are spending the night.  


Drive To Clifton, Colorado Part 2

More pictures of our drive today.   


Drive To Clifton, Colorado 

Had a very nice drive to Clifton, Colorado.    


Drive to St. George, Utah

Check out some photos of our drive to St. George, Utah.  


Drive to Oro Valley Arizona

Check out some of the photo’s I took on our drive to Oro Valley Arizona.  


License Plate Game

Wow, we just saw a license plate from Road Island!!!!  Now we have seen 43 states this weekend trip.     





2015 What A Year!

What a year 2015 has been.  We were able to take several trips throughout the year.  Yes, some of them were even “ROAD TRIPS”.  I drove about 2 hours one day, but it seemed like an eternity.  Ha Ha!!    If you know me, I don’t like driving or road trips.  For the most part, I did very well.

I enjoyed seeing mom and the rest of the family in Washington.  Mom and I had some interesting elevator rides.  The most unique elevator was the one that came up out of the floor.  Cool!!!

(Check out my video recap of 2015)

January:  Sedona-it snowed, how cool.  Yosemite, Oceanside and San Diego Zoo.

February:  Arizona- Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon National Park, Wupatki National Park, Sunset Crater National Park.

March:  Disneyland, Oceanside, Mt. Shasta.  Washington-enjoyed seeing mom and family.

April:  We went to a Drive-In, Big Bear and another trip to Washington.

May:  Brian’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Oceanside, Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary started.

June:  Disneyland, Karina’s graduation.

July:  William’s 4th of July party-lots of food and William’s fireworks show.  Awesome!!! Disneyland and my birthday.

August:  William’s birthday, Drive-In, ROAD TRIP-Blackfoot Idaho, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, Mom and Eden’s birthday party in Spokane Washington, Gold Mine.  Banff Canada-we enjoyed a boat ride, went onto a Glacier and a Skywalk.  Mom and Eden’s birthday party in Woodland Washington.

September:  Disneyland, Jan’s birthday.

October: Becca’s birthday, Rainforest Cafe.  Disneyland Halloween Party-so much fun.

November:  Oceanside, Disneyland, Rainforest Cafe, Monument Valley, Four Corners, Pagosa Springs for Thanksgiving week.  It snowed some on Thanksgiving.  Yea!!!   Treasure Falls, San Juan National Forest, Sedona.

December:  Disneyland Christmas-I love Christmas time.  Christmas at Jan’s house.

Spendings New Years Eve at the Wyndham Resort in Indio.  Jan and  Becca will be coming over for a little New Years Eve party.